Lesson 4- Part 2

Regression and Suggestability

Lesson 4 is in 3 parts – this is Part 2

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The detective work to find the cause

Take Client to Somnambulism – the deeper the better.

Use Elman plus deepeners – ideally  Beach and A to B to C


Go to (Positive) Feeling

Count it up   with feeling  1 to 5

Say to Client   ‘Count of Three – Be there’

Inside or Outside?

             By yourself or with Others?

            Daytime or Nighttime  ?

When I tap you on the forehead a number comes – the age of the Experiencer

Then ask Does this seem to be an Old Friend or a New feeling?

Positive Regression Demo


Demo 2


Question Pages and Test answers in Resources Tab for this lesson – below

In resources are the complete Kappas questionaires – I ignore the the Sexual questionaire – never used it. But here for your info. You don’t combine them. Two different situations

Links to Carolyn and Rachelle Practices


Great Video Example from Jerry Kein on the many types of ‘work’ you can do in Hypnosis


Hypnosis with Alcoholism


Free Regression Course  from my  friend and great Hypnotist teacher – Wendie Webber


PLUS Bonus FREE Course

What Will I Learn?
  • How to Get More Conversations with More Prospective Clients
  • How to Take Charge of the Initial Conversation with a Prospective New Client

  • How to Quickly and Easily Assess Prospective New Clients in Social Settings

  • How to Use a Free Consultation More Strategically
  • How to Use the 3 Rs in R-R-Results as a Preliminary Assessment Tool and Pre-Session Technique
  • How to Use Your Telephone System to Make a Positive First Impression
  • How to Turn a Qualified Caller into a Committed Client
  • How to Create a Client Session Confirmation System
  • How to Set Up a Scheduling System that Supports You