Suggested Exercise for This Lesson:

Complete a real session with a Client – for weight or smoking cessation – and report back!!

Lesson  8

Scripts and how to use them and then throw them away!!


As mentioned in the video here is an easy system to compound a script

Before the Client arrives – read through the whole script and for each paragraph or section – write out the KEY SENTENCE for that paragraph on a separate sheet of paper

If there are 10 key points – you now have 10 sentences on the paper

When the Client is in Sonambulsim – after you have done the Regression, Forgiveness Work, Chair Therapy etc – you want to finish by programming the subconscious

Read through the whole script – with emotion and conviction

The go back and read the (in this example) 10 sentences – crossing off every third one

When done start again read the sentences that are left – crossing out every third one

Continue until all sentences crossed out

This is compounding.




First Contact – phone, email, refrerral etc

Consult and or book the appointment ( or not!!)


In the Hypnosis room


(possibly use Kappa questionnaire from Lesson 4 – 2)


Induction  (include Sound Patter)


The work

Regression to cause

or General Therapy ( as per last weeks lesson)


Inner Child Work, Gestalt, Forgiveness  ( the BIG 3 in Hypnosis)




Compounding  Positive and reinforcing suggestions ( use their words where you can)






This is from an SP session

Note the Elman Induction and then the Deepening -as you have been taught in previous lessons

Things to Note:

In this example, I am talking to the Superconscious. For regular Hypnosis talk to the client’s mind ” your mind will now”  or Higher Mind ” your Higher Mind will now”  – never say YOU. You do not want the client to TRY and do anything. Their conscious Mind is not to be engaged – let the other parts of them do the work. (The parts that have all power!!)



Many more examples can be found on Youtube – CLICK HERE

Resources for the lesson 8

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Main Smoking Session Script





smoking extra files




Questions – Intake for Smoker





Weight Loss Scripts





   Link to Jerry Kein Videos – smoking and weight loss – Video Shop